Dijnselburg is situated approximately 10 kilometers to the North-East of Utrecht in the municipality of Zeist. It is located in an wooded area just of the Amersfoortseweg (the former main road between Utrecht and Amersfoort). Travelling from Utrecht Central Station or Utrecht Science Park will take you about 45 minutes by public transport to reach Dijnselburg.

Dijnselburg was formerly owned by the Catholic Church in The Netherlands and was used for educational purposes. In the beginning of the 1950’s one of the buildings – the Philosophicum – was built especially to accommodate and educate priests and deacons. This building contains next to private quarters, a chapel (not being used as a chapel anymore), classrooms and recreation rooms. In this building we offer fully fitted short stay rooms with shared facilities to foreign exchange students of the university. Meer informatie

Fully fitted rooms

We offer fully fitted single rooms based on a short stay housing agreement. The rooms are situated on the first and second floor of the Philosophicum and are fully fitted with a bed (mattress, guild, pillow and sheets), wardrobe, desk & chair, mugs, drinking glasses, plates, forks, knives, spoons, etc. Furthermore you will share a kitchen, containing; a stove with hood, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee machine, kettle, pots & pans, kitchen knives and plates. We have 2 kitchens on the second floor and 5 kitchens on the ground floor. You can also find a common area for studying or socialising (1 per floor), 3 toilet areas (per floor) containing 3 toilets each and 1 shared (mixed) bathroom (between first and second floor) containing 8 lockable shower cabins each suitable for 1 person. Both floors are mixed (male and female). On the ground floor you can use the laundry room for a small fee. In the common areas, private rooms and hallway, you can access the internet via the (free) wifi.

To opt for a room you must be a student studying at Utrecht University or Hogeschool Utrecht. To apply please fill out this THIS FORM, stating your requested start date and end date and return it to  rooms@landgoeddijnselburg.nl. After we have received your application form we will contact you to inform you about the possibilies.

The monthly rent for a standard room is € 463,25 The deposit is € 500,- and will be refunded after the room has been deliverd back to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. On Utrecht Central Station either take bus number 56 (direction Wijk bij Duurstede via Zeist) and exit the bus at bus stop Prins Alexanderweg, or take bus number 53 (direction Zeist-Centrum via Vollenhove) and exit the bus at bus stop Panweg. When travelling from Utrecht Science Park take bus number 72 (direction Amersfoort) and exit the bus at bus stop Dijnselburg. For further details see https://9292.nl/en

Approximately 35 minutes on bicycle path. At Dijnselburg you can park your bike behind the chapel.

The shopping centre “Vijheidsplein” is located in Zeist just on the other side of the highway and offers the following store, amongst others; a grocery store, a bookstore, a butcher, a liquor store and a bakery.

Fill in the application form and return it to rooms@landgoeddijnselburg.nl stating your requested start and end date accompanied with a copy of your ID.

You will have exclusive use of a fully fitted room and the shared use of the common areas, Wi-Fi and utilities.

You can reach us by telephone by calling +31346557162 on weekdays between 09.00 CET and 17.00 CET or by sending us an e-mail to rooms@landgoeddijnselburg.nl

When using public transport, it will take about 45 minutes. When using a bike it will take about 35 minutes.

We will send you an invoice stating all relevant details regarding the payment.

After returning the room back to us we usually refund the deposit within one or two weeks.